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Electric loft ladder with handrail

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  • Electric loft ladder with handrail
  • Description: Electric loft ladder with handrail

Loft ladder advantages:

1.Save space

This ladder can save more space on ground. Only to use a small space on the ceiling or wall. You can have more space

to ornament your house.

2.Easy operate

The loft ladder is easy operated, You can operate the automatic type by remote control at any where and anytime.

It can be manual operate if there is no power electric,


The loft ladder is designed by consider peoples’ safety. The step width is 15cm, increase the safety. It can be support

300kg weight, so don’t worry the safety if you are a fat man.

4.Long use life.

The loft ladder is steel material, it can not be out of shape, otherwise it can be install outside. The special processing

can be rust production.

5.Beautify your house

The loft ladder color can be made according to your requirements, you can choose the color match you house

decorative style and color.

Models specification:


Hole size(mm)

Suitable height(mm)




Within 2500




Within 3000


Note: the size can be customized, pls send your size before the order.

The opening hole’s information:

The material are available in Ti-Mg alloy and steel. The Ti-Mg alloy material is lighter and stronger than steel material.

The regular color are black, white, orange and blue, if you need other color, it can be customized in big quantity.


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